Visiting the Northern District

During March 8-10, a small SENDAS team, led by SENDAS ordination track coordinator, Rev. Felipe Flores, visited the Northern District of Costa Rica, specifically the San Carlos and Upala regions. The churches of Ciudad Quesada, Muelle and Upala Centro were visited, where the status of the ETED (Decentralized Theological Education) centers was evaluated, and new video conference equipment was installed. In addition, the team met with pastors, leaders and students from the area to motivate them to continue their theological studies.

Brother Manuel Arce, who collaborates with SENDAS in the area of ​​technical support for online courses and videoconferencing, installed the new videoconferencing equipment in both the Ciudad Quesada church and the Upala Centro church. After the visit and excited by the new equipment, 13 students from the center are ready to resume their theological studies after almost a year of inactivity. On Friday, March 29 the first course of the year will begin. It will be taught through via video conference.

Dr. Rubén Fernández, Presisdent of SENDAS, said: “We must continue working until we have all our ETED centers in Costa Rica and Panama connected to the network in order to have more and better pastors and leaders trained for the extension of the Kingdom of God.”

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