Where Is Protestantism Headed in Latin America?

This is the title of the book edited by Dr. H. Fernando Bullon. Congratulations to our brother, Fernando for accomplishing this reflective work that compiles a series of Latin American thinkers who have had a significant impact both academically and in practical pastoral work.

This work leads us to consider that after 500 years of the Protestant Reformation, we are on the threshold of a new era that is experiencing profound changes not unlike happened during the end of the Middle Ages. Additionally we are led to reflect on the rise of the Evangelical Movement and its influence on the social, political, cultural and religious transformation in Latin America.

A Multi-disciplinary and Future Vision at the 500-year Mark of the Protestant Reformation.

This document contains a variety of presenters covering the academic areas of Bible Science, History of the Church, Social Sciences, Education, and the Arts and Sciences of Communication. The book seeks to understand that the Reformation transcended religious studies and to explore its effect on the transformation of human thought, both in the areas of scientific knowledge as well as culture, economy and technology. Additionally, this work hopes to provide a multi-, inter-, and trans- disciplinary vision that orients the mission of Latin American Protestantism in a holistic way.

This book will be an important reference for anyone searching for serious answers regarding the transcendence and influence of Protestantism for future generations of evangelical believers who want to be historically relevant to the time in which we live.

With this book we can say: “Welcome to the party, the celebration, the commemoration of this memorable date in the history of the Church,” the completion of 500 years of the Protestant Reformation.

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