Work and Witness at SENDAS

The Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (SENDAS) is located in San Jose, Costa Rica on a 15-acre campus. It houses not only the Seminary, which serves nearly 1000 students per year in theological education, but also it is a retreat center for camps, events and many activities year round. SENDAS has been blessed to receive a team or two each year, and we thank each district and church that has contributed to the advancement of the campus and theological education.

The needs of a 15-acre campus have no end. The current needs include the Orchid project that has a great start but needs a team to finish the work, the Guanacaste building which is in dire need of a new roof, and a parking project to pave a section of ground for additional vehicles.

What can you expect when you bring your team to SENDAS? We provide a safe living environment in dorms and small apartments, great food from our SENDAS caterers, wonderful weather year round with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and the opportunity to work off campus with a local church in outreach ministry. Costa Rica has many tour opportunities as well and as part of your stay you will spend a day or two exploring the beauty of Costa Rica.

These testimonies are from a recent team from the Northern California district who recently brought a Work and Witness Team to SENDAS. May these words encourage you to be a part of the ministry at SENDAS.

Kyle: “It was a pleasure working side by side with workers from our NorCal Work and Witness team and SENDAS. Although the work was hard at times, and sometimes new (mixing and laying concrete, mixing mortar and building walls), I could feel the Spirit at work with the project. Everyone was united in purpose. The cafeteria staff was very friendly and the food was great. There is a great warmth from all the staff we met at SENDAS and their commitment to God’s people is real.”

Jorge: “Working at SENDAS this summer is my greatest accomplishment so far in my 19 years. Not because it was my first time outside of the country or because I was my first time doing hard labor, but because I worked toward expanding God’s kingdom! I loved seeing the progress each and every day…it was a great experience getting to know brothers and sisters from another country. It’s amazing to know anywhere we go, far or close to home, we are connected by worshiping the same God!”

You can find more information about the upcoming projects on the SENDAS website at this link. We hope to see you soon at SENDAS.




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