Work and Witness Teams Make Progress on Dorm Renovation

In January, SENDAS hosted two Work and Witness teams, one from Missouri (January 8-16) and another from Indiana (January 17-27). Both teams tag-teamed to work on renovations to the Guanacaste dormitory. The Guanacaste dormitory is one of the original structures on campus and has been in desperate need of both exterior and interior renovations. The Missouri team began work on replacing the dormitory roof. They worked long hours and accomplished their goal to replace half of the roof in preparation for the second work team from Indiana who would complete that part of the project.

A small sub group from the team completed a painting project at the Bambi Center and shared a short program with the kids there. Due to some rough weather, the Indiana team faced strong winds and rain but they persevered and completed the replacement of the dormitory roof. A few team members left the worksite each day to help with a VBS at the Iglesia del Nazareno Jesucristo Libertador de Almas in Desamparados, a suburb of San José.

It was a blessing to have both of these teams on campus and both our seminary and local churches have been blessed by each team member. We are praying God will raise up more teams to help continue the work on our buildings and grounds on the SENDAS campus. We are grateful for the work of our volunteer teams as well as the leadership of Ted and Lori Bruce!

Huntington Work and Witness Team

Missouri Work and Witness Team

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