sosSOS – Send One to SENDAS

The mission of the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas is to prepare with the highest excellence, the largest possible number of ministers, for the extension of the kingdom of God.

SENDAS offers courses at all levels of theological training. We serve the Central Area of the Mesoamerica Region, which includes the countries of Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

A group of SENDAS students in Cuba with Professor Andres Fernandez.

To achieve the mission, SENDAS students need your help. Although the courses are very reasonably priced, for some pastors and lay leaders, this amount is beyond what they can afford.

At SENDAS, we do not want lack of funds to stop a Nazarene student from taking courses and preparing for excellence in ministry. For this reason, the SENDAS Scholarship committee exists to review the application of each scholarship applicant and decide which Nazarene students most need and deserve this assistance.

When you give to the SOS fund,  you are preparing pastors and leaders to serve in their communities through the ministry of the Church.

Your offering for SOS – SEND ONE TO SENDAS can be made online through the Church of the Nazarene:  Click here.

Thank you for supporting SENDAS students. They are so grateful for your willingness to support them in their ministries and theological studies.