SENDAS Graduation in Argentina

The Ainscough Family: Influential Leaders and Examples

On November 17, 2012 SENDAS celebrated the first Argentine graduation for the Master’s program.  The ceremony was held in conjunction with the Nazarene Theological Seminary for the South Cone (STNCS).  Dr. Jorge Julca, the STNCS President, is also the Master’s Degree Coordinator for this South American country.

The President of SENDAS, Dr. Ruben Fernandez, presided over the event, which was very special for these two reasons:

1. The three graduates were from the same family (father, mother and daughter of the Ainscough family) and it is likely this group included the oldest graduate in the history of the institution (78 years old).

2.  Pastor Alberto Ainscough, the graduate, (son of Thomas A. Ainscough, English missionary to Argentina) baptized Dr. Ruben Fernandez in 1973 and also taught Dr. Fernandez’ first course at the Bible Institute in Buenos Aires (today STNCS) in 1979.

Alberto Ainscough was the Pastor of the church he grew up in, but he and his wife left to serve as medical missionaries to India in 1974.  Now, even though they are retired, they still work in medicine and also pastor a growing church in the capital of Argentina.  Their daughter Naomi, who also graduated in November, is a psychologist and a Pastor’s wife.

Dr. Ruben Fernandez says, “Very few people have been such an inspiration to me as the family Ainscough.  Not only for their many gifts and their commitment for lifelong learning, but also for their deep love for the people and their passion for the Church of the Nazarene.”

“They have formed many leaders.  For example, my friend, Rev. Sunil Dandge, the former President of the South Asia Nazarene Bible College and the current Area Strategy Coordinator for India, is a fruit of the ministry of Alberto and Rosa.”

“To preside over the ceremony where they graduated is something that I do not deserve, but it is an honor that the Lord has give me and I am very thankful.”

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