The Second President’s Retreat for Mesoamerica Held in Costa Rica

The Presidents of Institutions of Higher Education of the Mesoamerica Region, Church of the Nazarene met for the second time from March 28th to April 3rd, 2016 on the SENDAS campus in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The event was a retreat, as well as a time of ministerial conferences and dialogue. The presidents’ spouses accompanied them at this special event.


Each day began with a devotional, led by Dr. Carlos Fernandez, from Olathe, Kansas, USA. Leaders connected by videoconference from Argentina, USA and Guatemala to lead workshops. The participants had time to discuss issues facing the ministries of each of the institutions, as well as moments of rest and recreation. The last day, in a very significant service, the sacrament of communion was shared together.

It was a week where the presidents encouraged each other; they shared life experiences, training times, and they worshiped the Lord together.

The Presidents of the Mesoamerica Region Institutions are Israel Acosta (STNH), Ernesto Bathermy (SND), Ulises Solis (STNG) Obdulia Martínez (SENAMEX), Ruben Fernandez (SENDAS) and Anthony Manswell (CNC). Two rectors could not attend the event: Edyn García (IBN) and Pedro Urgelles (SETENAC).

The Coordinator of Pastoral Education and Development for the Mesoamerica Region, Dr. Ruben Fernandez, organized the event. Dr. Dan Copp (Commissioner of Education of the International Board of International Education) and Dr. LeBron Fairbanks (Global Consultant for the Development of Administrative Boards) attended the retreat and led workshops.

We encourage you to keep these servants of the Lord in prayer, placing their lives, families and ministries in the hands of the Almighty.


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